Polina Chebanu

Originally from Nizhyn, Ukraine, Polina practiced as an artist in Kyiv. Polina trained actress in her home town of Nizhyn, before moving to Kyiv to study directing at the “Kyiv National I. K. Karpenko-Karyi University of Theatre, Cinema and Television”. Polina in her artistic practice works at the intersection of various artistic styles and trends, combining stand-up and classical theater, painting and poetry.

I would like to develop a performance work about smells that take us back to a certain time in our lives, about smells that bring back memories that might not be worth resurrecting. Smell is one of the main triggers for memories. I would like the hall to blur the boundaries between the viewer and the action. It is possible to create a kind of portable “museum of smells”, in which performance and contact with the audience will take place. You can also use music and many other things that bring back memories. What is it all for? To once again prolong something pleasant, and if not pleasant, then live it in order to work it out.