Nina Itova

Nina Itova is an interdisciplinary artist whose practice combines performance, installation and multimedia. In her artistic practice she shares cheat codes on the path to healing with others, reconstructing episodes of the past and time traveling through nostalgia. Of Ukrainian and Russian descent, she is researching the themes of identity and unification. She is a digital nomad in Cyprus now.

The corner

It all started as a simple metaphor that one cannot go beyond their projections in communication. Later this performance began to unfold to me as a labyrinth leading from trauma to healing. With the help of my psychotherapist I crystallize Schwartz’s psychotherapeutic IFS approach, working with trauma. In this installation I explore the space of exile – the corner where children are placed when they are punished. And I help to get out of it with the help of a mirror on my chest. I call it initiation, in which I play the role of a guide and an ultimate Other. Despite the fact that I reinvent a specific ritual of expelling children into a corner, widely used in the territory of the former USSR, the emotions of isolation (also through sounds) can be understood by almost anyone.