Over the years, he has been rehearsing in diverse artistic genres, many of which have been unusual in concept and form. His intention has often been to perform what he had to perform in a way that would exemplify it, that would conceivably, propose the public to experience what he had to perform rather than just act of seeing, perceiving and or reading.

Matter the Matters: Performing in the Age of the Climate Change

In light of the significance of the global health crisis, the accelerating climate change and global warming, drought, floods and geopolitical tensions, this choreographic-based intervention investigates the intercorrelation between scenes, body, choreography, cinematic rendering, ecosystems, urban and rural fabric, digital space and technology. I’ll create ‘choreographic objects’: wearable spatial textile structures for a sequence of site-specific experimental installations and performances with the prospective participants. Through the design of alterable spatial garments, it explores the potential for the movement and surfaces of textiles, conventionally associated with the individual body and human scale, to generate alternative arrangements of social space and modes of interaction in the urban fabric.