Liryc Dela Cruz

Liryc Dela Cruz is an artist/filmmaker from the Philippines. His works have been screened, presented and exhibited in different international film festivals and art events. His films are thematically related to his origins, history, and personal psychology, while his performances and research focuses on care, indigenous practices, decolonial practices, post-colonial Philippines, transpacific slave trade and hospitality.

Il Mio Filippino: Kung Ano Ang Naaalala Ng Hangin (What The Winds Remember)

During the first phase of Il Mio Filippino, we focused on tracing slavery and exhaustion through gestures and movements of Filippino domestic workers in Italy. The exhaustion and slavery have been transmitted through time, both can be traced as a part of colonial legacies embedded in the Filipino bodies. The “Filippino” is born through agreements of government agencies that limited the capacity of the workers’ bodies to expand for other possibilities and imagination as soon as they step-foot in this foreign land. These agreements are hence supported by “fake love” and power dynamics inside the master house, thus the visible workers’ bodies become invisible. We would like to investigate rest or the myth of rest in slave and colonized bodies. I would like to reflect on how we can decolonize rest and sleeping, especially for enslaved and colonized bodies.