Keyla Brasil

Keyla Brasil is a multidisciplinary artist probing her artistic “becoming” through her political-trans body. By shifting gazes and discourses, her bodygraphy permeates the inventiveness of other possible existences, and the way they socially relate on the borders of a territory where segregation is the norm. In recent years, the artist’s work has been heading in the direction of enabling actions in a context of “trans-artvism”.

The joy of the dead clown

Palhaço Pudim was a character created in the 2010s, who, in addition to providing immense happiness and personal fulfillment, was also a social work that he carried out in marginalized communities in various regions of Brazil. Pudim was the joy that climbed the hills and favelas, and traveled through territories of extreme poverty and precariousness, bringing a little joy to children in situations of extreme social vulnerability. This scenario starts to change with my gender transition. Keyla and Pudim can no longer co-exist in the ludic and fantastic universe managed and controlled by cisgenderism. As well as cisgenderism, the clown is also an incarnate fiction.