Francisco Thiago Cavalcanti

Francisco Thiago Cavalcanti is an artist working in dance, theatre and performance. He began his artistic training at the age of 9 at the same time as he discovered his neurodiversity (mild autism). He founded the collective “um cavalo disse mamãe” with the artists Piero Mamella (Italy), Bárbara Cordeiro (Portugal) and Francisca Pinto (Portugal), beginning a cross-border partnership that seeks new modes of artistic creation and existence.

52 Blue

A lone whale called 52 BLUE wanders the ocean while singing a song. A song accompanied by a ghost guitar. How can life exist without the presence of the other, another? When whales sing, they sing to survive, to mate, to travel, to pass the time and also for no reason at all. 52 Blue, a “special” species of whale, emits a sound at 52 hertz, a frequency so high that no other whale can bear its company. That’s it. Human beings: what do we do with people who distance themselves and cannot stand being with other people? We know, don’t we? And singing… Do you only sing in the shower? Singing can be a cry for help. Relaxation. Lust.