Eisa Baddour

His projects are characterized by a strong sense of social responsibility and environmental sustainability. He continues to pursue his passion for socially responsible art. He believes that artwork can make a real difference in the lives of people around the world and is committed to using his knowledge to make a positive impact on society.


The “ΑΓΑΠΗ” installation is an engaging performance that aims to explore the power of love and the impact of cultural barriers on relationships. The first part of the project is the creation of an installation made of wood that features the word “LOVE” written in Greek. The second part of the project is a performance art piece that takes place in the Mediterranean waters. People will come together to hold the installation while it’s floating on the water, and they will work to put the letters of the word “ΑΓΑΠΗ” together. As they do so, the power of love will be brought to life in a beautiful and moving way.